Sustainability Integrated Approach

Sustainability is essential to our design philosophy:

  • establishing energy-efficiency as a central tenet of design philosophy
  • outlining energy-efficient design strategies, technologies, and opportunities for each project
  • exploiting low impact materials
  • including water saving strategies
  • paying attention to users comfort

Our design process includes the following standards process for all our projects:

  • Discussions with all potential clients on sustainability as it applies to their project.
  • Inclusion of sustainable design in all projects consistent with client’s vision.
  • Implementation of both passive and active energy reduction methods.
  • Inclusion of sustainable criteria throughout the design and construction process.
  • An integrated design process to clarify program execution, enhance production efficiency, and support energy demand modeling.

All the sustainable strategies are discussed and arranged with scientific support, in fact the firm works in close cooperation with University of Florence.

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